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McKenzie Lake Community Association Calgary

16198 McKenzie Lake Way SE, Calgary, T2Z 1L7

The McKenzie Lake Community Association (MLCA), established in 1984, is an organization that strives to enhance living and bring together the community through programming and events for residents of all ages. The MLCA is run by two office staff and ten volunteer board members from the community. We also have representation from The City of Calgary on our board and partner with our local MLA office, City Councillor office, and the Calgary Police Servic

Phone: (403) 257-1823

Cochrane Community Associations Cochrane

101 RancheHouse Road, Cochrane, T4C 2K8

Local services, including community programs and events, are delivered through a variety of ways in Cochrane. One of these ways is through Community Associations. Community Associations are comprised of volunteers who develop and deliver programs within their own neighbourhood.
The Town of Cochrane provides a variety of supports to our local Community Associations. We recognize that the Community Associations are quite often the face of their neighbourhood. If a Community Association exists in your neighbourhood and you are interested in joining, use the contact information below.
Some neighbourhoods have community associations that help with lo

Phone: 403-851-2500

Westmark, the developer of Cooper’s Crossing, values community and understands the importance of building strong relationships amongst neighbors. Therefore, in 1999, the Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association (CCRA) was formed. This Association was one of the first of its kind in Airdrie and remains active. The CCRA was developed to foster a strong sense of community, and to ensure the community’s amenities would be cared for in order to maintain the aesthetically pleasing design of the development and hence property values in the community.

Phone: 403.948.0337

Chestermere Community Association Chestermere

201, West Chestermere Drive, Chestermere, T1X 1B2

All CRCA Recreation Programs now have a member and a non-member rate. Memberships run from July 1st – June 30th each year and are open to everyone in and outside the City of Chestermere. CRCA Memberships are available for purchase online or in the Main Office and on Energizer Nights. GST is not included in all adult programs.


Shawnessy Community Association Calgary

224 Shaw meadows Rd SW, Calgary, T2Y 1B3

The community of Shawnessy in Southwest Calgary began building in 1981, though its roots began much earlier. Named after British settler Samuel Shaw, who built a log house near Fish Creek in 1882, Shawnessy's history lives on through the almost 100 year-old building that is now home to the Shawnessy Community Association. The Shawnessy Barn remains a historical landmark in the midst of a beautifully treed 17-acre green space in the heart of Shawnessy. The Shawnessy Community Centre Association (SCCA) spends a great deal of time working on behalf of the entire community as a strong voice on issues such as development and planning, traffic and transportation, recreational facilities and programs, safety, municipal by-laws, and community affairs. One of the goals of the community association is to continue to increase membership and involvement of its residents to ensure continued success in building a close knit, and safe community

Phone: (403) 254-1012

Auburn Bay Community Association Calgary

200 Auburn Bay Blvd SE, Calgary, T3M 0A4

The Auburn Bay Community Association (ABCA) is a volunteer-based organization that supports a variety of community programs and initiatives throughout Auburn Bay. The ABCA also represents the community with all levels of government, schools, and police. The community association is comprised of a committed group of volunteers who ensure your voice is heard for all things relating to Auburn Bay! You’re probably wondering how the ABCA is different from the Resident’s Association or Auburn House, you can learn more about that here. Community Center At this time, the land at 234 Auburn Bay Ave is designated for the community association. There is currently a storage shed on the property for special events equipment. Our goal is to raise enough funds to build and maintain a property on this land. A community center would offer many benefits for members to enjoy for years to come. Having a new space within the community would offer residents a variety of special events, rental options, business opportunities and more. Bottom line – a new community center would be pretty awesome to have here within Auburn Bay!


Altadore Community Association Calgary

3130 - 16th Street SW, Calgary, T2T4G7

The Altadore Community Association, Marda Loop Communities Association strives to uphold the spirit of our vision; We are an evolving, vibrant, urban community that is engaged, connected and desirable. Supported both by staff and a dedicated group of neighbourhood volunteers, the Marda Loop Communities Association offers recreational and educational programs for all ages and serves as a conduit to City Hall, giving our residents a strong and coordinated voice. The MLCA works to consult and mediate issues arising in the areas of community development, transportation, parks and green space.


Legacy Community Association Calgary

30 Glendeer Cir SE #210 , Calgary, T2H 2Z7

The CALGARY LEGACY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (CLCA) is a volunteer organization made up of community members representing residents on community programs and initiatives. We want to foster a sense of community pride and spirit by engaging and representing our diverse neighborhood, through partnerships, programs and services, as well as events that brings us all together. Our goal is to get our community members actively engage and involved, facilitating recreational, cultural, social, athletic and educational activities for residents to enjoy, while providing venues and platforms to build community together. While our intention is to work close to the LRA – Legacy Residents Association, both organizations have a different purpose and serve our community in different areas that complement each other to make LEGACY our timeless living oasis.

Phone: 403.263.8111

Riverbend Community Association Calgary

19 Rivervalley Drive SE, Calgary, T2C 3Z7

Riverbend is located in the southeast section of the city. Its name comes from its location near a bend in the Bow River. Riverbend is a relatively new community, with development in the area beginning in 1982. Riverbend has three distinct landscapes: floodplain, escarpment and upland plain. The area offers excellent views of both the Rocky Mountains and the wooded flood plains. The community is also conveniently located near some of Calgary’s major roadways, including Glenmore Trail, Barlow Trail and Deerfoot Trail. Riverbend residents can take advantage of easy access to the city’s pathway system, as well as easy access to the Bow River. There are also numerous green spaces in the community which offer recreational opportunities. Riverbend is also home to both a public and separate school.

Phone: (403) 236-7270

Cambrian Heights Community Association Calgary

600 Northmount Drive N.W., Calgary, T2K 3J5

Cambrian Heights Community Association is located just south of Nose Hill Park. Nestled between 14 street N.W. and Queen’s Park Cemetery, the area was annexed by the City of Calgary in 1910. Housing developments began to appear in the community around 1957. Cambrian Heights has many green spaces and parks, and borders on Confederation Park to the south. The community is centered around Cambrian Heights Elementary School and the Cambrian Heights Community Hall. The Cambrian Heights Community Association is a group of volunteers who live in the community and who strive to create activities and events to bring residents closer together. They care for and manage the community hall and skating arena. They provide an opportunity for residents to speak out on issues that are of concern to them, and to celebrate community milestones.


Beddington Heights Community Association Calgary

375 Bermuda Dr. NW, Calgary, T3K2J5

The Beddington Heights Community Association is a group of dedicated volunteers bringing you together as residents, acting as a voice for your community, and providing opportunities that make Beddington a great place to live, work, and play.


Banff Trail Community Association Calgary

2115 20 AVE NW, Calgary, T2M 1J1

Banff Trail Community Association is an established inner city community center that welcomes all our local and surrounding area folks to come join in our lush space, ice rink, community garden and green space for soccer, summer events such as stampede, garden walks and community plots for locals to share with each other. We love outdoor activities - skating in the winter, pickle ball in the warmer months, music events and general play in the sun.

Phone: (403) 282-2234

Abbeydale Community Association Calgary

821 Abbeydale Drive N.E,, Calgary, T2A 6N7

Abbeydale Community Association is located in Calgary’s northeast. It is bordered on the South by the Canadian National Railway, on the West by 68th St. NE and on the North by the Trans Canada Highway. The community was under the jurisdiction of the Municipal District of Rockyview until it was annexed by the city in 1976. The community has a large child and youth population and contains both a public and separate school. The neighbourhood is primarily residential, with its principal commercial attraction being a simple strip mall. Downtown can be accessed by either Memorial Drive or 16th Avenue.

Phone: (403) 248-2229

Charleswood Triwood Community Association Calgary

2244 Chicoutimi Dr. N.W., Calgary, T2L 0W1

Charleswood Triwood Community Association is located in NW Calgary, the communities of Charleswood, Collingwood and Triwood all belong to the Triwood community association. Charleswood offers close access to the Light Rail Transit system and the city wide walk and ride pathway system. The Foothills Hospital, Jubilee Auditorium, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), McMahon Stadium Foothills Athletic Park and the U of C are also located near here. There is also a shared community garden maintained by volunteers. Nearby schools include Banff Trail Bilingual Elementary School (Public), Collingwood Elementary School (Public), Senator Patrick Burns Junior High (Public), St. Francis Senior High School (Separate) and St. Margaret Elementary & Junior High (Separate).


Brentwood Community Association Calgary

1520B Northmount Drive NW, Calgary, T2L 0G6

Brentwood Community Association is located in NW Calgary. The association was organized in 1963. Brentwood offers close access to the Light Rail Transit system and the city wide walk and ride pathway system The Foothills Hospital, Jubilee Auditorium, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), McMahon Stadium Foothills Athletic Park and the U of C are also located near here. There is also a shared community garden maintained by volunteers. Nearby schools include Brebeuf Junior High (Separate), Brentwood Elementary School (Public), Captain John Palliser Elementary (Public), Dr. E. W. Coffin Elementary (Public), Ecole St. Luke Bilingual Elementary (Separate), Simon Fraser Junior High (Public), Sir Winston Churchill Senior High (Public).

Phone: (403) 284-3477

Bowness Community Association Calgary

7904 43 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, T3B 4P9

Bowness community association is located in NW Calgary bordering the Bow River. Nearby parks include popular Bowness park, Bowmont Park, Edworthy Park, Shouldice Pool and Athletic Parks. Bowness in NW Calgary is also connected to the walk and ride pathway system. Community schools include Assumption Elementary and Junior High (Separate), Belvedere-Parkway Elementary School (Public), Bowcroft Elementary School (Public), Bowness Senior High School (Public) and Thomas B. Riley Junior High School (Public).

Phone: 403.288.8300

Edgemont Community Association Calgary

33 Edgevalley Circle NW, Calgary, T3A 4X1

The Edgemont Community Association was founded in 1980 as a platform for residents to serve in kinship and create change together. Member participation is paramount in making our community a great place for its residents. We are proud to have one of the most highly engaged and active communities in Calgary. By joining the association you can get to know the people and businesses in your neighbourhood, participate in community initiatives and programs, and be involved in its development. It is edged by steep escarpments at the southeast end of the community. Due to its elevation, Edgemont is exposed to more wind than the surrounding communities, but this elevation also provides exceptional views of Calgary and the mountains. Edgemont offers many recreational opportunities to residents including tennis courts, skating rinks, playgrounds, pathways and numerous ravines. There are both public and separate schools in the community. Ensconced among the gently rolling hills and ravines of Calgary's northwest, nestled against Nose Hill Park, you will find the community of Edgemont. Developed in 1978, Edgemont is one of the city's largest residential districts; sprawling over 6.6 square kilometres with the largest number of parks and playgrounds of any neighbourhood in the city.

Phone: 403-239-1211

Citadel Community Association Calgary

860 Citadel Drive N.W., Calgary, T3G 4B8

Citadel is located in Calgary’s northwest, and is designed so that the roads form the shape of a wheel with spokes. It is bordered by Country Hills Boulevard to the south, and Sarcee Trail to the east. It is a relatively new community, and was formed in 1993. There are many pathways in the community which emanate to the central hub where there is a large recreational green space. The central hub contains a scenic central park with tree lined pathways, a creative playground, an outdoor hockey rink, tennis and basketball courts, soccer pitches, baseball diamonds and open spaces.

Phone: 403-397-3454

Triwood Community Association Calgary

2244 Chicoutimi Dr NW, Calgary, T2L0V9

Triwood Community Association is located at the base of Nose Hill between 14 Street N.W. and the community of Brentwood. The gently sloping topography of Triwood provides for views of the city at a number of locations. This community became part of Calgary during the 1910 annexation. Development of Triwood occurred around 1959 with single family detached housing forming the predominant land use. There is a significant amount of recreation space found within Triwood. The two larges areas of open space are Confederation Park and the City-owned Confederation Park Golf Course. There is also excellent access to the pathway and the L.R.T. system. There are both public and separate schools in the area.


Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association Calgary

PO Box 91009, RPO Royal Oak, Calgary, T3G 5W6

Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association is a small group of volunteers who meet regularly and work constantly to: tackle and fix residents’ concerns; review and adjust development applications; watch out for environmental concerns; run children and community based programs; provide insurance for supported sport and area usage activities; communicate area and city issues to the residents; represent the community to the outside world; communicate with the Ward 1 and 2 Councillors, the Member of the Legislature of Alberta, and with the Member of Parliament. Please note that the City communicates overall area issues directly with the Community Association and does not necessarily recognize residents associations as the “voice” of the people. If you enroll your child in a sports program in this community you must have membership so that insurance coverage is assured. If you join the Community Association voluntarily because you want to afford the association the operating budget to give good government representation, then we thank you!


The Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA) serves the communities of Hillhurst, Upper Hillhurst and Sunnyside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The community boundaries of Hillhurst include 8th Avenue N and 16th Avenue N to the north, 10th Street W to the east, the Bow River to the south and both 14th Street W and 18th Street W to the west. The Sunnyside boundaries consist of Centre Street on the east and by 10th Street NW on the west. On the north, Sunnyside is bounded by McHugh Bluff Park and on the south by the Bow River. Our primary service areas are Seniors services, Outreach services and Child Care, making us a full-service community centre. We also hold weekly Farmers’ Markets and Flea Markets, offer multiple recreation programs and our centre is available for event rentals.

Phone: (403) 283-0554

Erlton Community Association Calgary

PO Box 94078 Elbow River RPO, Calgary, T2S 0S4

The Erlton Community Association (ECA) has an active board with seven directors, all active residents, who participate in ECA events and other initiatives in the community. The City of Calgary in the form of our Alderman and other representatives are also highly engaged.
Erlton is Calgary’s best-kept secret and an inner-city gem. As one of the City’s founding neighbourhoods, Erlton strives to be a lifestyle-friendly and safe community where quality development is balanced with respect for our neighbours, historic character and the natural environment.


Marda Loop Community Association Calgary

3130 - 16th Street SW, Calgary, T2T 4G7

Marda Loop Community Association supported both by staff and a dedicated group of neighbourhood volunteers, the Marda Loop Communities Association offers recreational and educational programs for all ages and serves as a conduit to City Hall, giving our residents a strong and coordinated voice. The MLCA works to consult and mediate issues arising in the areas of community development, transportation, parks and green space.

Phone: 403.244.5411

Tuscany Community Association Calgary

P.O. Box 27054 Tuscany RPO, Calgary, T3L 2Y1

The Tuscany Community Association, formed in April of 2000, is a volunteer-driven body committed to addressing community issues, planning community events and recreation activities, and providing effective representation in civic matters. Membership in the Tuscany Community Association is voluntary and costs $25 per year. A single membership covers a household for participation in TCA-sponsored activities, and entitles one vote at the AGM. How is the Tuscany Community Association related to the Tuscany Club/Tuscany Residents Association? Our Community Association receives questions from many residents who want to learn more about the relationship between our Community Association and the Tuscany Residents Association/Tuscany Club. Although we often work together, these are actually different groups with independent purposes. Here is some information to help illustrate how these two Associations function: – A community association is an organization formed by the residents of an area: to manage and direct its social and recreational activities TCA plans, develops and maintains some community programs such as Tuscany Soccer, Community Bookswap, Tuscany Sun, Amazing Chase and Race, etc. to represent the community in civic matters (planning and development) to plan, develop and maintain community facilities and amenities not applicable at this time membership is voluntary all residents within the entire community of Tuscany are welcome to become members – A resident’s/homeowner’s association is a compulsory organization created by a land developer: to manage and maintain the “marketing” amenities (entrance signage, ornamental parks and ponds, boulevard landscaping and building) of a development that the City will not accept responsibility to maintain to manage and maintain amenities such as lakes and golf courses The Tuscany Club is run solely by the RA membership is compulsoryand the requirement to pay an annual fee is collected by the association through a caveat on title not all residents in Tuscany fall within the RA’s boundaries and so not all residents pay an annual fee and so, therefore, not all residents are members of the Tuscany Club

Phone: 403512342

Arbour Lake Community Association Calgary

PO Box 68006 RPO Crowfoot, Calgary, T3G 3N8

To promote and facilitate community activities that provide a sense of belonging, responsibility and fun while meeting the needs of the Arbour Lake neighborhood. The Arbour Lake Community Association, like other community associations in Calgary, is a non-profit organization with a volunteer group of residents committed to representing the people of the community. Membership in the community association is voluntary! The Board of Directors is voted in by the membership and consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Portfolio Director’s at Large. Anyone with a valid community membership may run for any position on the board. It is the ALCA’s responsibility to represent the wishes of the community in reference to all civic issues, including but not limited to: Transportation and Traffic, Law Enforcement, Bylaw Planning, Building and Rezoning, Civic Pride and Improvement, Funding Requests. The ALCA also organizes and contributes to sports programs, social functions, and arranges for the production and distribution of the community newsletter. Community membership fees and fundraising help cover the costs of insurance and other association expenses, including funding for a variety of programs and events that are run at minimal or no cost to community members. A thriving Community Association, with the involvement of community members, helps create a close-knit community, strong social involvement and community pride.

Phone: 403-455-2520

West Hillhurst Community Association Calgary

1940 – 6th Ave NW, Calgary, T2N0W3

The West Hillhurst Community Association (WHCA) is a not-for-profit community center that offers rental spaces, multiage activities, fitness club, an ice arena and more. The WHCA prides itself in the community involvement in the West Hillhurst & area and welcomes all community members, leaders and local businesses to the facilities. WHCA is a non-profit company, thus allows the community to make donations to the center. By providing donation, WHCA will ensure it continues with its’ exceptional sport/ activity programs, services, community engagement and improvement of the facilities.

Phone: 403-283-0464

Cougar Ridge, West Springs Community Association Calgary, AB

Suite 138, Unit 406, 917-85 St. S.W., Calgary, AB, T3H 5Z9

The West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association serves the growing population of the West Springs/Cougar Ridge community which has a rich mix of cultural diversity, abundant natural parks and green space, recreation facilities, and shopping and services at our Community Core. The Association is a not-for-profit body that has proudly served the residents of our community since 2002 and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. The scope of our work revolves around many issues in our community including development, transportation, parks and green space planning, plus recreational and educational programs for all ages. Our organization serves as a conduit to City Hall as the voice for our residents.

Phone: 403.770.8585

Community Associations COVID - 19 Rules, Closures

We know our local Community Associations play an important role in both the physical and mental health of everyone in Alberta.

  • Continue to practice physical distancing.
  • Don’t visit if you’re sick or were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Bring a cloth mask and wear it when you’re near other people.
  • Visit early in the day so you can head somewhere else if a parking lot is full and do not park on the shoulder of roads.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer.
  • Leave no trace; pack out what you pack in. This will keep our parks clean and reduce the potential for human-wildlife encounters.
  • Follow the advice of public health experts to protect yourself and others during this pandemic.
  • Be extra cautious and stay within your limits, knowledge, skill and physical ability. Now is not the time to try new activities or head into unfamiliar areas. Continue to avoid high-risk backcountry activities, regardless of your experience level.

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    Community Associations Covid19 Rules, Closures

    Community Associations rules, covid 19 regulations, closures and etiquette guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of all users and keep our area parks healthy and sustainable for everyone to enjoy. Please follow them each time you visit. Learn more about pathway safety, Community Events, attractions, fundraisers have direct and indirect impact on Calgary area communities. They provide opportunities for participation, skills development, volunteering and social, cultural economic and environmental developments. Alberta Heath Services is allowing community association facilities and amenities to be used for activities currently permitted under Stage 1 of the Government of Alberta's relaunch strategy. Community association facilities and amenities may only be used for the specified activity and must follow provincial requirements.

    Posting of appropriate signage

    A collaborative effort between the facility staff and operators offering the activities to determine a cleaning schedule for the facility, including washrooms and high-touch surfaces If there are multiple entrances into the facility, it would be best to designate a single entrance to help monitor the people entering the facility infrastructures. #parksandrecreation, #naturelovers,#hiking, #explore, #wildlife, #covid19, Community Associations.